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16 Channel embedded DVR

16 Channel embedded DVR

Item# 16-channel-embedded-dvr

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Looking for a result driven home security camera system? Get the best deal in town with a 16 channel embedded Standalone DVR

In a world driven by crime, burglary and vandalism, the need to secure your home or business premises with the best security systems available is no longer an open option.

If thoughts about burglaries and what goes on in your home or office while you are away are disturbing your peace of mind, you have made the right decision by checking out the most superior home security option seen in the market now.

If it is a question of protecting your properties, assets and safeguarding your family from the threat of burglary and vandalism, just changing their locks for better ones or equipping their houses with better armor will not be a total solution. If you are searching for a complete home security system that will take away all your worries look at the 16 channel embedded Standalone DVR.

Though your initial cost may be a little higher, the 16 channel embedded DVR is widely quoted as the best option when it comes to choosing between home securities systems. With this system, the recording is done in digital imaging.

In contrast to the traditional VCR, an embedded DVR system possess advanced image quality. Moreover, with this system you will not have to bother about changing the video tapes on a regular basis.

The 16 channel embedded Standalone DVR contains massive HDD space, and the operating system runs on a Linux system which accounts for the highly advanced and stable reception compared to other PC based security systems.

All the program functions are "embedded" in the Digital Video Recorder.

The 16 channel embedded DVR is optimized for user friendliness with easy search options. Tracking past events by dates timed to seconds is no longer impossible with the advanced techniques employed in this system. The powerful and impactful quality of this home monitoring system is the long awaited solution for all your concerns about protecting your home.

Standalone DVRs <====== See More ======> Surveillance DVRs

Some of the versatile benefits and features of the 16 channel embedded Standalone DVR

  • Comes with a industrial standard durability with superior stability and ultimate shock resistance capacities
  • High powered resolution in 720 X 240 quality for all 16 channels
  • 15V power consumption
  • Provides data in real time recording
  • Brand new H.264 compression facilitating longer recording time within the same space
  • Multi lingual options
  • USB Backup power
  • Playback and operating network options
  • Ultimate control power through remote access via internet, intranet or N-streaming any time and from any place in the world
  • Easy accessibility to time, alarm and video information and data inputs
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Connection up to 16 wired cameras with remote control and mouse
According to expert verdict, the 16 channel embedded DVR is the most cost effective answer for your home security needs as it does not demand additional software like in a Windows based OS.

These systems are not vulnerable to the traditional data security issues or virus attacks common in other PC based systems. The Linux operating system makes troubleshooting easy and this is one product in the market that will not leave you with a whole range of unexpected issues demanding attention.

Quality Standards, 2 Year Warranty and Easy to Use. The 16 Channel Embedded DVR is the best hands free option you have been wishing for.

When Purchasing a DVR for your Security System you should consider the following features:

  • Channels - How Many cameras will your security system need? In General you can attach one camera for each channel.
  • FPS (Frames Per Second) Standard video is 30 FPS While true film in the U.S. is recorded at 24 FPS, so anything in this range will be recorded as full motion video. Remember, it is “Frames Per Second per Channel” so a 4 Channel DVR needs to be rated at 96 FPS – 120 FPS for full motion (120 FPS /4 channels = 30 FPS/Channel)
  • Hard Disk Space - Consider how long you want to keep your security footage.

16 channel embedded standalone dvr, Model SA-DVR-16

  • DVR-16 Channel Embedded DVR
  • Cameras and Monitors NOT included
  • Networkable and able to view live on Internet.
  • Hard Drive Included

16 Channel Embedded standalone DVR Specifications:

  • Video input = 16ch composite BNC (16ch)
  • Video output = Composite BNC
  • VGA output, Audio input = 2 ch RCA
  • Audio output = 2 ch RCA
  • Alarm input = 8ch, 3 Alarm outputs
  • LAN Connector = RJ45
  • PTZ Control = RS485
  • Frames per second = Real time 240fps
  • Hard Drive = 250GB (8ch) and 500GB (16ch)
  • Dimensions = 17" (L) x 15" (D) x 3.5" (H)