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220x Day/Night Zoom Camera

220x Day/Night Zoom Camera

Item# SG220

220x Day/Night Zoom Camera for a completely undetectable surveillance

If you want a security camera that will perform hassle free with no technical issues to complain about you should pay close attention to the 220x Day/Night Zoom Camera.

The camera is equipped with a revolutionary feature that allows automatic switching from color mode to monochrome the moment it detects a low light conditions. This allows the camera to record better at night.

The technologically advanced 220x Day/Night Zoom Camera uses a SONY HAD design which enables it to detect and eliminate electronic holes that are responsible for higher noise levels found in other cameras. It is powered with a digital slow shutter to facilitate the filtering of light. When coupled with the outdoor infrared illuminator the 220x Day/Night Zoom Camera is a perfect solution for your outdoor security needs.

The 220x Day/Night Zoom Camera serves diverse needs in covert camera surveillance. If you are searching for a camera fulfilled with maximum deterrent and investigative value you will not see another product in the market that matches the supreme qualities of 220x Day/Night Zoom Camera.

Add one to your video surveillance system today

Some Popular Uses of Security Cameras for Home and Businesses:

  • They Prevent Theft - The number one cause for store inventory shrinkage is employee theft. 32% of shrinkage is due to shoplifters.
  • An Employee Training Tool - Video systems can be used to monitor model employee behavior to provide training examples
  • Prevent Harassment- Harassment in the workplace isn't always it is reported. Don't take sides, get the facts.
  • Prevent Vandalism - Monitoring outside your store helps prevent vandalism of your property. A Visible security camera can be a great deterrent.
  • Valuable Store Traffic Feedback - Monitoring the traffic in a store allows you to see what your customers see first, helping you set up your store display for optimal sales.
  • Can Reduce Insurance Premiums and Taxes - Check with your insurance agent. Video security systems can protect insurance companies against false claims as well as preventing real ones. This means they may cut you a deal. Businesses are now allowed to deduct up to $100,000 in equipment purchases. This makes security system purchases 100% tax deductible for many companies.
  • Cost Effective - In many cases the cost of the camera can pay for itself after preventing the first theft. As the technology continues to improve the cost continue to go down. Many home owners are now implementing security cameras in their homes to watch children, the elderly, the swimming pool and more.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras <========= See More =========> Hidden Cameras

220x day/night zoom camera


  • 12 Volt Power Supply

Camera Specifications:

  • Image Sensor: 1/4” Sony Color CCD
  • Resolution: 480 TV Lines
  • Min. Illumination: .01 Lux
  • Lens: 220x zoom
  • Power Required: 12V

“What do These Hidden Camera Features Mean?”

CCD stands for “Charged Coupled Device.” CCD cameras consume more power than CMOS but offers better picture recording in lower light settings than CMOS.

Image Sensor: The Larger the image sensor the wider the (FOV) or “field of view”. In General the larger image sensor will provide a sharper image, lower light capability and better color saturation.

Sony Super HAD CCD A Hole Accumulation Diode is a type of CCD sensor with a layer designed to accumulate holes (in the electronic sense), thus reducing noise level.

Lux 1 lux equals the amount of light that falls on a one-square-meter surface that is one meter away from a single candle. 10 lux equals the amount of light produced by 10 candles one meter away. The Lux ratings of a camera tells you how much light is required for them to capture an image. A Rating of 1 lux would be like a full moon overhead at tropical latitudes.