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4 in 1 Car Emergency Tool

4 in 1 Car Emergency Tool

Item# 4in1-auto-emergency-tool

4 in 1 Auto Emergency Tool, a must for your glove compartment

As much as we appreciate the versatile benefits of having a motor vehicle to commute to and fro we should be well prepared to handle some of the inevitable emergencies associated with them.

Have you ever paid any thought to the matter of your teenage son or daughter being trapped in a deserted road with a flat tire? What if you, your spouse or your kids were to be in a car accident with no means of escaping from the mangled vehicle and no one around to help you out of it?

These are pretty scary thoughts that can give you many sleepless nights. However, once you read out about the 4 in 1 Auto Emergency Tool, you can rest easy knowing that all your worries will be well taken care of.

Clearly the 4 in 1 Auto Emergency tool is an effective lifesaver cleverly equipped to handle unexpected circumstances and emergencies. The tool contains 4 emergency operations and it is undoubtedly the most versatile car emergency tool you will find in the market today.

The 4 in 1 auto emergency tool is equipped with a super powered bright flashlight. There is a blinking emergency light that will be activated automatically once it is removed from the base.

If you find yourself trapped in your vehicle after a road accident you can use the tool as a hammer to shatter and break the window glass to escape. There is also a blade in the 4 in 1 auto emergency tool that can be used to cut away resisting seat belts. The tool has a snap in the base so that it can be removed quickly during an emergency.

The magnetic head is useful when you need to position it someplace while working on the vehicle such as removing a flat tire. There are no complicated mechanisms involved in using the 4 in 1 auto emergency tool and it is made out of a strong water resistant material and fits in to the glove compartment easily.

If you still think that you are better off without an emergency help tool like the 4 in 1 auto emergency car tool think of the number of different situations that will make you desperately wish for one. Everyday the news headlines scream about auto accidents in all parts of the country; your car can take a skid, hit on a tree or get stuck in a ravine. Now if this happened on a deserted road with no help in sight or if your car hits something really hard and start emitting smoke, there is no time to loose but you have to get out of the car before it catches fire.

If you had the 4 in 1 auto emergency tool with you there is no need to be hysterical because you can easily get out of the trapped car within minutes.

So next time you set out in your automobile think twice, are you equipped to face unexpected emergencies? If not, add a 4 in 1 Auto Emergency Tool to your Cart Now

The Emergency Car Tool Includes

  • Super Bright Flashlight,
  • Blinking Emergency Light,
  • Window Escape Hammer,
  • Seat Belt Cutter

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