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Car Key Hidden Camera with Audio

Car Key Hidden Camera with Audio


This item is currently out of stock!

Looks just like a remote car key but is really a hidden camera with audio and a built-in mini DVR.

The Car Key Hidden Camera can covertly record up to an hour before you need to recharge the battery.

Buying a Used Car? Take one of these with you and don't get cheated.

A great way to record covert operations you may want to review for later. It also allows you to apply the “buddy system” for seminars, lectures and other visual presentations. The buddy system lets you give the audio/video recorder to a “buddy” to record for you to watch later at your viewing convenience. Of course any good buddy will do the same in return taking turns on who skips out early before the Friday meetings.

No drivers or outside power source needed. It will charge plugged into your computer with the included USB cord.

It holds 8 Gigs of files which you can watch on practically any media software that supports AVI files. This is over 3 hours of recorded material before you need to delete or download. Just view on your computer.

Do you currently face any of these problems? The Car Key Hidden Camera can help.

  • A threatening neighbor?
  • A violent partner?
  • Do you suspect your child may be doing drugs?
  • Do you believe your spouse is being unfaithful?
  • Do you not feel completely comfortable with your child's babysitter?
  • Would you like proof of a verbal contract?
  • Are you making a purchase from a salesman, tradesman, or contractor?
Well, what better way to bring peace of mind, than to utilize some of today's very affordable spy gadget technology.

Keychain Cameras <===== See More =====> James Bond Gadgets

Car Key Hidden Camera Specs:

  • Video format: AVI
  • Video Resolution: 640x480
  • Camera Resolution: 1280x960
  • Battery:280mAh 3.7V
  • Built in 8GB Flash Memory
  • 29 Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Dimensions 2" x 1 1/4" x 3/8" Light indication:
  • Charge:charging yellow light on, when full light off.
  • USB file reading and writing: yellow light slow flash
  • Standby status: yellow light long time on
  • Card is full: yellow light on even when power is off
  • Low battery power: yellow light will flash slow

Video Mode

To Enter the video mode when device is turned off press OFF/ON button till yellow light turns on, press(Play/REC) till yellow light flash three times now unit is recording video. Press the (Play/REC) to stop Recording. Press and hold OFF/ON to switch off.

Camera Mode

To Enter the camera mode in turned off status press(OFF/ON button) till yellow light on, click (Play/REC) the yellow light will flash one time then take one photo and again and again. Press and hold OFF/ON to switch off.

  • Car Key DVR
  • USB Cord for recharging and transferring video/photos
  • User manual
  • Gift Box
Product Manual for Car Key Spy Camera


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