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Docuspy Portable Hand Scanner Unit

Docuspy Portable Hand Scanner Unit

Item# docuspy-portable-hand-scanner-unit

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Digitize your documents and preserve valuable records with no heavy equipment or headache!

The DOCUScanner is simple, easy to use, and undeniably effective for removing clutter from your office space and recording valuable documents while away form it.

Powerful Pocket Scanner – Put the power of a professional quality scanner in the palm of your hand with the DOCUScanner Portable Hand Scanner! A wave of the hand can capture text, photos, and more with superb clarity. Keep a virtual copy of your receipts and invoices (without the overflowing shoebox under your desk), or record important documents as they're set in front of you – all without the bulk and hassle of full-sized imaging devices.

Multiple Scanning Modes – Choose between quality and efficiency on the fly with the DOCUScanner's selectable scanning modes. Render text documents in black and white, or capture photos with full color; set to low-resolution 300DPI for recording documents quickly and efficiently, or select superior 600DPI for capturing super-fine text and high-detail prints.

Generous Capacity – Support for up to 32GB of MicroSD storage means no worries about file capacity! With that much memory, the DOCUScanner can hold up over 7000 full color, high quality scans – or, over 40,000 text documents! All of this can be easily accessed on your PC or Mac with the device's USB cable or your MicroSD card's SD adapter.

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Docuspy Scanner Features

  • Adjustable, 300 or 600DPI resolutions
  • Automatic white balance
  • Built in alert if you're scanning too quickly
  • LCD status display
  • Choose between black and white or color scans
  • Auto off feature powers the unit down after 3 minutes of non use to conserve batteries

Docuspy Portable Hand Scanner Technical Specs

  • A4 Image size
  • File format: JPG
  • Dimensions: 10 x 1 x 1"
  • Power source: 2x AAA (Scans roughly 200 pages)
  • Capacity Usage: 1GB can store:
  • 600DPI Color - 220 pages
  • 600DPI B&W - 290 pages
  • 300DPI Color - 780 pages
  • 300DPI B&W - 1280 pages

The Docuspy Hand Scanner Includes

  • 1 DocuSpy
  • 1 DocuSpy carrying pouch
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Software Disc
  • 1 Instruction booklet