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Dual Car Cam Pro

Dual Car Cam Pro

Item# SG-DualCCPro

This item is currently out of stock!

Watch over your personal or company vehicle, inside and out, with the DualCCPro Dual Car Cam with GPS logger.

Powerful Dual-Camera System – With the DualCCPro, it's easy to watch both inside and outside of your vehicle. A pair of wide-angle, VGA quality cameras monitor both the conditions of the road and the habits and responses of the driver and passengers. Each feeds into a powerful internal DVR which captures 15 frames per second on each camera in high-quality H.264-encoded mp4 format.

GPS Tracking – In addition to its powerful video recording suite, the DualCCPro contains a GPS tracking device; by combining a given vehicle's navigation history with its visual record, a watchful user can learn volumes about events surrounding points of interest, such as unauthorized stops and acts of vandalism.

Easy to Use – A simple suction mount makes fixing the DualCCPro a trivial matter, and operating the device is just as easy. An Auto-overwrite function makes keeping track of data ultra low-maintenance, and drawing footage from the device can be done either through USB or by removing the DualCCPro's MicroSD Storage card.

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Dual Car Cam Pro Features

  • 640 x 480 @ 30FPS (15FPS if recording both views)
  • Two cameras built into one unit
  • Google Maps Support
  • GPS Logging
  • H .264 Encoding for Superior Quality
  • Auto Overwrite

Dual Car Cam Pro Technical Specs

  • Resolution: 640 x 480 (30FPS 1 cam, 15FPS 2)
  • Storage: Micro SD Cards 2 - 16GB
  • Storage Consumption: ~1GB consumed every 40 minutes
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 hours
  • Format: MP4
  • Encoding: H .264

Dual Car Cam Pro Includes

  • 1 DCCP
  • 1 Suction Mount
  • 1 Adhesive Mount
  • 1 GPS Antenna
  • 1 Car Power Adapter
  • 1 Instruction Manual