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Hi Def Spy Watch  DVR (4GB)

Hi Def Spy Watch DVR (4GB)

Item# spy-watch-dvr-hd

This item is currently out of stock!

What time is it? Time to get justice with the DVR Spy Camera Watch

This Spy HD Watch DVR looks and functions like your regular fashionable watch but is has a720p high definition spy camera that records 1280 x 720 in AVI format and captures crystal clear 1600 x 1200 resolution still pictures.

The recordings are stored on the built-in 4GB of memory which holds up to an hour of video footage and over 10,000 pictures and photos. The Spy HD Watch DVR features a high capacity polymer lithium battery that will power the DVR for up to two hours. Plus this trendy HD Spy Watch camera is waterproof for up to 9.8 feet and triples as a webcam too!

This Spy gadget is universal and for the first time you can use the AV out cable to review your recordings on your TV or you may view your recordings on your computer using your favorite video and picture software. A codec may be required for PC viewings though.

The Spy HD Watch comes with a USB cable, AV out cable, 1 genuine leather band, wall adapter for charging, microphone cover (for underwater use), user manual, and CD. The watch face measures 1 and 7/8 inches by 1 and 5/8 inches.

We highly recommend that you check all state, local and Federal Laws governing the use of video and audio surveillance equipment in your jurisdiction.

Note: Watch Camera Only Comes With Leather Band, Not Stainless Steel

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HD Spy Watch DVR Product Manual


a)On: Press and hold button C for about 2 seconds. The red and blue indicator lights will come on simultaneously. Then, the red light will go out and the blue light will stay on. This is standby mode. (NOTE: If no operation is performed, the power will turn off automatically after about 3 minutes of standby)

b)Off: In standby, press and hold button C for about 2 seconds. The red light will flash 3 times and go out. The power is now off.

c)Video: In standby, press button C. The blue light will flash 3 times and go out. The unit is now recording video. If you want to save the video, press button C. The video will be saved, but the unit will continue recording. If you want to stop recording, turn the unit off. (NOTE: If memory is full, the blue and red lights will come on together for about 5 seconds, then the unit will turn off after saving the file).

d)Camera: In standby, press and release button A once. The blue light will go out and the red light will come on. The unit is now in camera mode. Press button C once to take a picture. The red light will go out and come back on, indicating that a picture was taken. In this mode, every time button C is pressed, a picture will be taken. Pressing button A again will take the DVR out of camera mode and put the unit back in standby.

e)Playback: To view files on a TV or monitor, first make sure the DVR is off. Put your TV or playback monitor in A/V mode. Plug the DVR into the monitor (yellow and white plug with USB cable) and place the DVR in standby mode. In standby mode, the DVR acts as a live video camera. Press button “A” once and it will zoom in once. Press button “A” again and the red and blue lights will be lit, indicating the DVR is in playback standby status. If there is a video file available, it will start at the last video you recorded. Pressing button “C” will allow you to view the videos that are stored in the memory of the DVR. To stop playback, press button “C” again. To see the next file, press and hold button “A” for 2 seconds, then press “C” to play.

To view files on the computer, connect the DVR to your computer’s USB port. Once the hardware is recognized, click folder to view files, open the DCIM folder, and the 100DSCIM folder. Double-click files to view them. If the DVR is not recognized, you may have to unplug it and then plug it back in. To disconnect the DVR from your computer, right-click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the task bar. Click “Stop” and select the hardware you wish to remove (Syntek USB MSDC USB Device). Click “OK” and unplug the DVR from the computer.

f)Reset: If the unit freezes or becomes unresponsive, it may need to be reset. Press button A and button C together to reset.

g)Charge: The DVR can be charged by using the DC5V charger or a computer. NOTE: If battery power is low, the red and blue lights will alternate for about 5 seconds, and the DVR will save files and power.

To use the charger, make sure the DVR power is off and plug the DVR into the charger with the USB cable and plug the charger into an electrical outlet. The red and green lights on the charger will light, and the red light on the DVR will light. When the unit is fully charged, the green light on the charger will go out and the red light on the DVR will be replaced by a blue light.

To charge the DVR by computer, make sure the DVR power is off and connect the DVR to a USB port with the USB cable. Once the hardware is recognized, follow the steps to safely remove hardware (“e” above), but do not unplug the DVR from the USB port. While the unit is charging, the red light will be on. When it is fully charged, the blue light will come on. After it is charged, unplug the unit from the USB port.

h)Webcam: To use the DVR as a webcam, install the PC Camera driver from the CD. Turn the DVR power on and plug the DVR into the computer using the USB cable. Go to “My Computer” and look under “Scanners and Cameras”. Double-click the “Standard Camera” icon. Another window will pop up and the DVR will be in webcam function.

i)Time Reset: Turn the DVR power off, plug into the USB port, and open the “removable disk” (DVR, drive “E”). Create a text document named “Time.txt” and save it to the DVR. Open the document and enter the date and time in the following format:


Once this information is entered, save the file to the DVR. Safely disconnect the DVR from the computer, turn the DVR power on, and the date and time will be reset to the values that you saved.

j)Waterproof function: This unit is waterproof at depths of no more than 16 feet. To use under water, be sure you have replaced the microphone cover (Figure 1) with the solid cover that has no hole in it. Also be sure that this cover has the sealing o-ring in it, to keep water out of the microphone. You will not be able to record audio under water.

For operation on land, be sure to replace the solid cover with the cover that has the hole in it, or your audio recordings will be muffled. Please refer to Figure 2 below, which distinguishes between the two microphone covers.

NOTES: The three small dials on the watch face do not function. They are only for cosmetic appeal. To change bands, place the watch face on a soft cloth. Using a small screwdriver, simply slide toward the inside the metal rod that is connecting the watch band to the watch body.

If the capacity is full, the blue light and red light will shine for about 5 seconds and the DVR will power off after it stores the file.

If the power is low, the DVR will store the file and power off after the blue light and red light alternate for about 5 seconds.


Video CodingM-JPEG
Player SoftwareOperating Systems or mainstream Movie playback software
Picture FormatJPG
Image Scaling04:03:00 AM
Support SystemWindows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista; Mac OS 10.4; Linux
Interface-typeMini USB
Memory Card FormatNand flash
BatteryHigh-capacity polymer lithium battery