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Spy Watch DVR

Spy Watch DVR

Item# TTDECon

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Take time to catch a story on film with this Spy Watch and discover that it’s the ultimate in DVR surveillance

It looks like a watch, ticks like a watch but holds a tiny spying camera inside. The Spy Watch DVR is designed to look and function like an ordinary wrist watch that can be used underwater of up to 32 feet.

The spy gadget features several different recording options including: still photographs, voice recording, and video recording with audio. The video recording resolution is 720 x 480 and formatted in AVI and records 30 FPS while the photographs come in crystal clear at 1600 x 1200 resolutions. The recordings are saved to the built-in 4GB of memory (cannot be expanded).

To review your recordings, simply plug the watch in to an available USB port on your computer using the included USB cable. Then use your favorite picture, video, or audio program to review your files (a downloaded codec maybe required).

The Spy Watch comes with a detailed user manual, USB cable, and the spy watch with DVR.

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1.Parts Diagram

spy camera diagram

2.Feature Summary

Spy Watch Specs 
Video Resolution640x480 AVI, 30 FPS
Photograph Resolution1600x1200, JPG
Battery Working time2 hours
Waterproofup to 16 feet


a.To turn the spy watch on

Press and hold the On\ Off button for 2 seconds. The red and blue LED indicator lights will flash for about 2 seconds as the unit initializes. Once the unit is ready for use, the LED indicator will turn solid blue to let you know that the unit is in stand-by mode. Note: the spy watch DVR will turn itself off within 3 minutes if no action is performed while in standby mode.

b.To take a photograph with the spy watch

Turn the unit on and, once in stand-by mode, press and release the “take photograph button”. The LED indicator will change from solid blue to solid red. After the photograph is recorded, the LED indicator will change back to solid blue.

c.To record a video on the spy watch minicam

To record video, the watch should be oriented so that the “12” is at the bottom and the “6” is on top. Otherwise, the video will be upside-down. Turn the unit on and, once in stand-by mode, press and release the “start video recording” button. The LED indicator will flash blue 3 times and then turn off, indicating the DVR is recording video. Note: if the spy watch DVR does not have enough memory space the DVR will turn off automatically.

d.To save a video recording from the spy camera watch

While the unit is recording video, press and release the “save files” button. The indicator LED will flash blue 3 times and then go out, but video will still be recorded.

e.To start a voice recording on the watch

From stand-by mode, press and hold the “start voice recording” button for about 3 seconds. The LED indicator will flash red while recording audio. To stop recording, press the “start voice recording” button again. The LED indicator will stop flashing red and change to solid blue, indicating stand-by mode.

f.To turn the unit off

Press and hold the On\Off button. The spy watch DVR will save the file and the LED indicator will flash red 3 times.

c.To use the spy watch DVR underwater

You will need to remove the Microphone cover (the one with the hole in the center) and replace it with the included solid microphone cover. Then you can use the DVRW underwater. Note: You will not be able to record sound under water.

4. Viewing recorded files from the spy camera watch

a.Turn the watch on and, once in stand-by mode, connect the included USB cable to the spy watch and connect the other end of the USB cable to an open USB port on your computer. Note: you will have to unscrew the cover from the USB port on the watch.

b.You will then see the folder named DCIM on your computer screen. You will need to double click with your mouse on the folder. You will now see the folder named 100DSCIM. Double click on this folder with your mouse to see the files you have recorded. Double-click on the file you wish to view and your preferred program will display the file (a codec maybe required and should be downloaded automatically).

Note: for the best viewing quality it is recommended that you move the files to your computer’s hard drive. Right click on the file with your mouse and move the mouse pointer to the SEND TO option and from the list displayed select My Documents. Then go to My Documents and locate the file. Double click the file to view.

5.Removing the spy watch DVR from computer

a.In the lower right hand corner of your screen double click on the “safely remove hardware” icon (). Note: you may have to click on the “<<” on the screen to see this icon, if it is hidden.

b.From the window that opens, select the USB Mass Storage Device and click on stop and on the second window select OK.

c.You will get a notification balloon in the lower right hand corner of your screen, letting you know it is safe to remove the USB cable from the computer and watch.

6.Charging the spy watch cameras battery

a.Plug the included USB cable into the watch and then into the computer. Note: you will have to unscrew the cover from the USB port on the watch.

b.The LED indicator will be solid red and flashing blue. Once the battery is fully charged the LED indicator will change to solid blue. The battery will charge each time you have the spy watch DVR connected to the computer. A full charge will take 2-3 hours.

c.Remove the spy watch DVR from the computer. See item 5.

7.To set the time on the watch (for watch only)

a.Pull the watch setting dial out about 1/8”

b.Turn the watch setting dial until the hour and minute hand is showing the correct time. Push the watch setting dial back in until the dial is touching the watch body.

8.Resetting the time and date stamp (for DVR only)

a.Connect the spy watch DVR to an available USB port on your computer. If the root directory of the DVR does not appear on the screen, you can double click on MY COMPUTER (located on your desktop or in your START menu), find the drive letter of the DVR (usually the last removable drive letter) Once you have the root directory open, right click anywhere in the folder (except on the DCIM folder). From the menu that opens select new and then select Text document.

You will now see in the root directory. You will need to name the file “Time” and press the “enter” key on your keyboard. Hint: You can right click on the file and select “Rename” from the menu that appears.

You will need to double-click on the file “Time.txt”. Enter the date and time in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS

For example, 11/10/10 2:22 PM would be entered as 2010.11.10 14:22:00

Save and close the file. Remove the spy watch DVR from the USB port (See item 5). Turn the spy watch back on and the time will be set.

9. Specification  
USB connection2
Memory4GB (not upgradeable)
Built-in batteryLithium
Battery Charge time2-3 hours
Charge Voltage4.2V
Voltage limit3.7V / 200mAh
10. Troubleshooting 
Can not power onMake sure the battery is charged
Can not see listing of recorded files on spy watch DVRCheck to make sure the PC recognized the watch. If not, unplug watch and try to reconnect
On video play back you hear a click every time the second changes This is normal