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Stun Gun - Stun Master SM-100c (100,000 Volts)

Stun Gun - Stun Master SM-100c (100,000 Volts)

Item# SG-SM-100c

This item is currently out of stock!

The Stun Master SM-100c Curved Stun Gun For Those Who Have A Grip Preference

For over a quarter of a century, stun guns have been a staple of self-defense – and for the last fifteen years, thousands upon thousands of users have trusted their safety to Stun master.

The SM-100s and SM-100c are designed to be easily affordable and equally durable. Low cost and high stopping power have contributed to the success of stun master over the years, and continues to be one of the main factors for their ongoing leadership in the personal protection industry.

The stun gun doesn't rely on pain for results. It disables attackers by releasing electricity in to their muscles causing them to overwork themselves in a very short period. This leaves the attacker fatigued and unable to produce the energy required to move his muscles effectively.

The overabundance of electricity into the muscles also interrupts the neurological impulses, causing the aggressor to lose balance and control of direct voluntary muscle movement

Experience the confidence and freedom that comes by taking charge in your personal safety

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Product Manual for StunMaster SM100 Stun Gun

Some Quick Stun Gun Facts

  • Voltage varies by make and model but it is the amperage that incapacitates the attacker. Our Models conduct 5-8 milliamperes, which is enough to incapacitate and attacker without doing any permanent damage.
  • Just the sound and vision of a stun gun in operation is usually enough to ward off an attacker, including dogs and other aggressive animals
  • In general, 1/4 of a second of contact from a stun gun will repel the attacker (lower voltage version may require longer contact times)
  • 2 Seconds of contact will cause muscle spasms and disorientation.
  • 3 Seconds or more will cause intense pain, loss of balance, muscle control, and mental disorientation, causing the attacker to fall to the ground, leaving them unable to recover for several minutes or longer
  • You will not be shocked even if the attacker is touching you. Stun Master stun guns work on low amperage that prevents the pass of current this way
  • Disable pins prevent the self defense device from being used against you
  • Stun Master stun guns work through clothing, regardless if the aggressor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • All our Stun Guns come with a lifetime warranty