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Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera

Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera

Item# teddy-bear-hidden-dvr-camera-hc-tedbr-dvr

This Covert Motion Detecting Teddy Bear Nannycam with Hidden DVR Camera Captures All The Action While You're Away

Note: This Bear Does Not Record Audio. It is the last model and to be discontinued. Returns for a non defective product will require a 25% restocking fee from the manufacturer and shipping is non refundable

Are you a working parent?

If so, you are probably concerned about the safety of your young children while you are away, and you may even have concerns regarding the quality of care your nanny or other caregiver provides.

You may have questions like:

  • Are your children getting a proper breakfast?
  • Is the caregiver responding to your children's needs in a timely and appropriate manner?
  • Does the care giver strike them or yell at them?
  • Are your children properly supervised?

If any of these questions sound familiar, you are not alone and you may wish to join other parents who have taken back control of their children's care by purchasing a hidden camera.

This Completely Covert Hidden Teddy Bear DVR Camera comes with a motion activated DVR, Hi resolution 480 TV line hidden color camera, a 20 hour rechargeable battery, 8 GB SD card for 64 hrs video recording, RCA Cable, Manual, and remote control for easy operation.

The Camera is hidden in the front on the bow. The DVR is completely hidden inside the bear for total covert operations. Just set in a room and begin recording then use SD card to view on your PC. The Motion-activated recording captures all the action and has a remote for manual recording as well. The RCA cable allows you to connect to a TV to view footage or set up camera. Can be set to overwrite old information or can be set to stop when SD card is full.

Home Surveillance Cameras <========= See More =========> Hidden Cameras

Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera Specifications:

  • 640 × 480 VGA High Resolution @12~ 1 fps
  • User Selectable, MPEG4 (30 fps real time video) Resolution 320 × 240,
  • Low Light Color CCD 480 TV Line Camera .1 Lux,
  • 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X Playback Speeds,
  • Upgradable firmware via SD card for future upgrades,
  • Image size dependant on amount of motion 25 kB ~ 160 kB @ 30 fps,
  • Embedded Time/Date Stamp,
  • SD Card uses windows media player for PC playback,
  • Supports up to 32 GB SD card,
  • Embedded Time/Date Stamp

Teddy Bear Hidden Camera Includes:

  • Teddy bear camera/DVR,
  • Charger,
  • 1 RCA Video Connector Cable,
  • IR remote control,
  • Instruction manual
Product Manual for Hidden Camera Teddy Bear DVR