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Wi-Fi Alarm Clock Radio Covert Camera w/ 2 Way Talk Back Audio

Wi-Fi Alarm Clock Radio Covert Camera w/ 2 Way Talk Back Audio


This item is currently out of stock!

Covert surveillance is your golden ticket to protecting your home, office, and loved ones.

This alarm clock is a cover camera that resembles a modern radio/alarm clock. Using an IP address to transmit video through Ethernet/CAT5 cable your camera will capture everything that it sees in your absence.

The Wi-Fi Alarm Radio Covert Camera connects to any computer, DVR, or existing network which makes it affordable and easy to install. The camera includes a power adapter and set-up and viewing software that will support up to 16 cameras. You will be able to login remotely and view and playback the video and have the option to set-up email notifications of any motion in the area.

The radio alarm clock is fully functional and boasts a color 1/3” CCD, 480 line resolution, transmits live video and audio via Wi-Fi/3G Phone/Ethernet, has a H.264 algorithm hardware compression, and super low Lux with a wide angle mini lens of 2.5 mm. The Wi-Fi hidden camera is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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Wireless Wifi Home Security Camera System w/ 2 Way Talk Back Audio Features:

  • Fully functional Wi-Fi Alarm Clock Radio,
  • High-resolution security to remotely view video with Wi-Fi connection

Wifi Covert Camera Specifications:

  • COLOR 1/3” CCD 480 TV Line High Resolution, Sends Live Video and Audio wirelessly by Wi-Fi / 3G Phone / Ethernet,
  • H.264 Algorithm hardware compression,
  • Easy Recording setup by Internet,
  • Super Low Lux Night Vision 0.001 Lux,
  • Wide Angle 2.5 mm Mini Lens

ATTENTION: Our Wi-Fi hidden cameras are only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. A moderate level of computer networking knowledge is required to set-up the Internet networking option. When purchasing this product consider all computer networks are different and we only provide support for basic networking setup. Please contact your network administrator or network consultant to properly set-up the networking option in your unique situation.

Product Manual for HC Alarc

How to Configure WiFi Alarm Clock Hidden Camera


  1. The camera needs to be plugged in via Ethernet first to be able to put in the router information before the camera can connect through wifi.

  2. In order for the camera to be set up to wifi, the following information needs to be noted (all the information needed is in your router page).

    1. Router SSID- name of the router

    2. Router IP address

    3. Router authentication (security) mode- ex. WEP, WPA, WPA2

    4. Encryption (cipher)type- ex. TKIP, AES

    5. Password (preshared key) - the password to be able to connect through wifi.

  3. Install the software with the name General_NVSClientSetup_2.2.9.4.exe on the small disc into your computer.


        1. Connect the power supply and the Ethernet cable to the camera. Connect the Ethernet cable to the router.

        2. Determine the items specified on the notes, section B.

        3. Open the browser (preferably Internet explorer), type in It should take you to the camera setup webpage (disregard the prompt for updating). On both the admin and password boxes, type in admin then click on login.

        4. On the top tab, click setup, then click on network setup, and then click on wireless NIC. On the wireless NIC window, put in the information specified in section B of the notes. Click OK when done. Then click ok on the little box that comes up.

        5. And then back on the top tab, click reboot. Click ok again on the little box. Wait for the timer to finish the reboot and close the browser after it’s done.

        6. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the camera.

        7. Open the browser again then type in This is the wifi address of the camera. You should see the same window as earlier. Put in the same info, (type admin on both the admin and password boxes). The camera should be connected through wifi at this point.

        8. On your computer, click start, click all programs, click dvs client, click dvs client (this is the software you installed earlier). On the login prompt, it should say admin on the user and no password. Click ok.

        9. At this point the camera is still needed to be setup with the program. On the program window, there are 3 icons underneath the blank space on the right side. Click on the devices icon (the leftmost icon). It should pull up a window called device management. You should see the camera IP address on the box below. Double-click on it and you should see the address appear on the upper box. When you see the address on the upper box, close the window.

        10. After closing the window, the camera IP address should be displayed on the blank space on the right side. Click on the IP address and then click on connect (rightmost icon) icon. Then a box will appear asking for the user and password for the camera. On both boxes, type in admin. And then click connect.

        11. You should see a little camera icon appear underneath your camera IP. Right-click on the icon and then click on open video channel. You should see video feed coming from the camera.