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BB2Coffeepot Bush Baby 2 8GB Coffee Pot

BB2Coffeepot Bush Baby 2 8GB Coffee Pot

Item# SG-BB2Coffeepot

This product comes with a lifetime warranty and a lifetime technical support hotline

The BB2COFFEEPOT8GB is a fully working personal coffee pot that blends in perfectly to any kitchen but also contains a hidden camera. It is a great choice whether you're keeping watch on your child's nanny, someone coming in to work on your home, or adding a bit more home security while you're away. This coffee pot will fit perfectly in the most highly trafficed room of your home, the kitchen.

Covert. Nobody will think twice about a personal coffee pot in a kitchen.

Quality video. Records high quality (1280 x 960) video. Either record continuously, or use the motion detection setting.

Plenty of storage. This unit whas an internal storage capacity of 8GB. The handy auto-overwrite feature makes it easy to use on a daily basis.

Who doesn't love coffee? Watch your home with BB2COFFEEPOT8GB.

Battery Operated Hidden Cameras <=== See More ===> Hidden Cameras

BB2 Hidden Camera Features

  • Records 1280 x 960 color video
  • Motion detection
  • Functioning coffee pot
  • Sealed back helps hide camera components even when coffee pot is in use

Technical Specs

  • Resolution:1280 x 960 @ up to 30fps
  • Viewing angle: 72 degrees
  • Storage: 8GB of internal storage (Approx 5.5 total hours recording time on a 16GB - supports auto-overwrite)
  • Dimensions: 11" x 6" x 6"


  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Instruction bookle