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BC420 Wired Button Camera DVR

BC420 Wired Button Camera DVR

Item# BC420

BC420 Wired Button Camera DVR

When quality and subtlety matter, the BC420 Wired Button Camera DVR steps up � or rather, buttons up � to the occasion. Its ideal blend of flexibility and image quality have made this surveillance set a favorite of professional investigators, mystery shoppers, and agents of the law.

Professional Image Quality � A combination of responsive shutter control and superb white balancing give the BC420 a broad spectrum of working conditions, and offer the best possible picture no matter the lighting. It also sports an impressive 420 lines of resolution, ensuring no detail is left unseen.

Flexibility � Some button cameras must be glued to the garment or limited to a specific button; not so for the BC420. This versatile kit comes with several threaded visible components, which may replace buttons or embellishments on a wide variety of formal jackets, dresses, and other items.

Audio Capability � In addition to the top-notch video quality of its sister series, the BC420A also includes an unobtrusive microphone for full audio recording.

When professional performance is a must, look no further than the sleek and subtle BC420 or BC420A Button Camera

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BC420 Wired Features

  • Auto electronic shutter and white balance
  • RCA connection for video
  • Jewel black box carrying case

BC420 Wired Button Specifications

  • 0.3 LUX. (Luminous Emmitance) which is an incredibly small amount of distracting light created by this product.
  • 420 lines of resolution
  • One cable 3 ring, 2.5mm gold
  • Physical Measurements: 7.5" x 7.5"

BC420 Includes

  • 1 x BC420 Camera
  • 1 x Button covers, screw covers
  • 1 x AV plug