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CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit

CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit

Item# checkmate-infidelity-test-kit

This item is currently out of stock!

Are you suspicious of your significant other's fidelity? Do you want the support and confidence of a genuine forensic tool to help you in your investigation of infidelity?

Turn to the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit!

Detect Dried Semen – A small application of this patented compound will react with any residual semen on the item in question; its results are visible and definitive.

No Stain – The CheckMate testing compound can be easily washed from most objects and garments, removing any evidence of your investigation (and preserving any articles of clothing in question).

*Note: the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit should be used as part of a broader private investigation. False positives may occur when applied directly to men's underwear or similar garments. No guarantee can be made that the semen sample detected is not that of yourself or your partner. Please use this product and its results with due discretion.

CheckMate is the revolutionary home use semen detection test kit that instantly detects traces of dried semen that can be found in underwear after sex. Sold around the world since 1999, CheckMate detects even the smallest trace amounts of semen and can give you the instant information you need to deal with an impossible situation.

Each CheckMate semen detection test kit comes with over half an ounce of our patented reaction component as well as everything else you need to test numerous items of clothing for the presence of semen. Plus, CheckMate can also be extended to test even more items if needed. Works on any type or color of material without damaging or staining the item in any way.

*Please note due to the nature of this product that we will be unable to accept returns of ANY opened packaging

Key Features of the 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit:

  • Quick and easy multiple use kit performs 5 tests
  • Results in 5 minutes or less
  • Designed to work on any type of material
  • Will not damage or stain the material being tested
  • CheckMate is also guaranteed 100% effective