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Frequency Counter Bug Detector

Frequency Counter Bug Detector

Item# SG-AVD-110D

This item is currently out of stock!

This Frequency Counter Bug Detector will tell you what frequency the spying bug is running on

The Frequency counter usese the latest technology in hand-held radio frequency detection through micro processor circuitry. It is the most accurate detection of wireless transmission and boasts a built-in signal strength meter and sensitivity control with LCD screen displays of the actual frequency that is being detected.

This hand-held radio frequency counter is compact, truly pocket-sized, versatile test instrument designed for measuring any digital, on/off keying or analog signal on frequencies between 30 MHz and 2.8 GHz. Supplied as a complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger and 7 section telescopic antenna.

Don't become a victim of privacy theft. Get a Frequency Counter Bug Detector

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The Frequency Counter Bug Detector Includes:


  • Impedance: 50 Ohms (BNC Socket)
  • VSWR less than 2.1,
  • Frequency Range: 30 MHz- 2.8 GHz,
  • Sensitivity: less than 5 mV,
  • Max input: 15 dBm,
  • Resolution: 10 KHz for digital signals or On/ Off Keying & 1 KHz for Analog Signals,
  • Time base: Less than 1 PPM at room temperature, Weight: 210g,
  • Size: 80 mm high x 60 mm wide x 31 mm deep,
  • Case: Stamped aluminum with black anodized finish,
  • Batter: Internal 4 x AA 600 mAH NiCd pack, Power: 9VDC 300 mA


  • 7 digit Liquid Crystal Display,
  • Frequency counter for digital,
  • on/off keying and analog signals with a minimum pulse width of 250 uS.,
  • Ultra sensitive synchronous detector - 16 section bargraph to show RF signal strength (-35dBm to 0 dBm),
  • Two range positions - the 1 GHz position for frequencies between 30 MHz and 1 GHz and the 2.8 GHz position for frequencies between 500 MHz and 2.8 GHz.,
  • Squelch adjustment for input signals,
  • Hold switch to lock display,
  • Low battery indicator,
  • Vibrating alert,
  • Low power consumption (Average 5 hour battery life), Supplied with NiCd pack,
  • AC wall charger and telescopic antenna (143MHz to 460 MHz),
  • 1 Year Warranty