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Garrett Superwand Metal Detector

Garrett Superwand Metal Detector

Item# 1165800

Expedite your search and recovery efforts at the crime scene with this easy to use and highly sensitive pin pointer metal detector.

The CSI Pro-Pointer boasts both audible and vibrating alarms and requires no tuning. It has proportional alarms that increase in intensity based on the target's proximity to quickly pinpoint weapons, shell casings, projectiles and crime scene evidence.

Use the CSI Pro-Pointer to search walls and tight spaces for hidden items like metal pipes or studs and even check wood for nails. The unit features a scraping blade to sift through soil and is water resistant so that it can be used in the rain or in wet environments.

This detector automatically adjusts using its microprocessor circuitry which will ensure maximum sensitivity with no tuning necessary. The pin pointing tip and 360� side scanning capability make for accurate finds and the static detection (no motion required) speeds target recovery time as the LED flashlight will assists in low light recoveries or during the night.

The CSI Pro-Pointer is lightweight (7 oz.) has automatic tuning with an operating frequency of 12kHz.

The CSI Pro-Pointer comes with a woven belt holster and measure in at 9" x 1.5". It has a varied battery life of up to 30 hours depending on your choice between carbon, alkaline, or rechargeable and comes with a two year limited parts and labor warranty.

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Garrett Superwand Metal Detector

  • Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.
  • Easy and convenient to use with one-touch button and three color LED lights.
  • Clear audible or Silent /Vibrate LED alarm signal.
  • Rugged injection molded construction including structurally isolated coil for added impact absorption.
  • Ergonomically designed grip fits comfortably in virtually any size hand.
  • Easy ON/OFF battery cover: standard 9 volt battery included. Optional rechargeable battery kit available.
  • Dimensions: 19" x 3.25" x 1.25"