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Homesafe  Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor

Homesafe Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor

Item# SGHA-Motion

Homesafe wireless home security sensor – Complete protection for all doors & windows

In home and office security, one of the most important aspects is to protect all entry points from unwanted invasions. Some people tackle this issue by investing in high tech locks and arming their doors and windows with heavy duty bars. These can be effective to a point.

However, burglars armed with the necessary tools can easily work through these bars and locks quietly and efficiently while you are fast asleep during the night.

Wouldn’t’ it be safer and more effective to consider a homesafe wireless security sensor so that an intruder will not be able to get past any of your windows or doors without triggering a fast activated alarm?

This way you will be notified the instant an unwanted entry takes place?

The homesafe wireless sensor is capable of detecting the slightest vibration caused by an opening door or window. The wireless radio frequency has a remarkable range extending for over 300 feet.

The security sensor operates on a 9 volt battery which has to be purchased separately.

When the homesafe sensor is triggered it will emit a RF signal to activate the alam.

The homesafe wireless security sensor is an affordable option for safeguarding your home or office round the clock. If you live in a town home or a small apartment you will only need the base configuration. If you live in a comparatively larger house or you are looking to secure your warehouse, or business premises you can customize with a larger security system.

The Homesafe wirelsss home security system is one security solution that will facilitate expansion with your customized growth needs.

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