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Smoke Detector with Hidden Wifi IP Camera

Smoke Detector with Hidden Wifi IP Camera

Item# SG-IPSmoke

Smoke Detector with Hidden Wifi IP Camera

Your inventory is off, and you know someone is stealing from your store. Theft only happens on your days off, so you know it's an inside job. Monitoring your store 24 hours a day in person is not an option because you need to see your family from time to time. You have cameras placed in your store but you need something that you can hide in the stock room to stop the stealing. Let the IPSmoke handle your surveillance for you. Since the crafty employee is stealing when you're not around and away from the existing security cameras, you will need a camera that looks exactly like an ordinary object. This unit is a smoke detector that has had its insides replaced by a covert camera. No one will know they're being watched. Stop those thieves now!

The brand new IPSmoke is the latest in our line of wireless hidden cameras. Not only does this great new item include a small, WiFi-capable hidden camera, but you also have the option to place a MicroSD card directly into the device and record locally or view and record remotely from anywhere! The software includes many options for recording, including alarm recording, motion-activated recording, scheduled recording, or constant video recording for 24 hour surveillance.

The IPSmoke is the perfect device to monitor your home or office for long periods of time from anywhere in the world. Perfect for bosses on vacation, monitoring an office on the weekends, or keeping watch over your store or home when you're away.


  • 1 x IPSmoke
  • 1 x Cat 5E cable
  • 1 x drywall mounting anchor kit
  • 1 x MicroSD card tool
  • 1 x 12v power adapter
  • 1 x software disc