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No Fee GPS Tracking Key 2 by Land Air Sea - H4101

No Fee GPS Tracking Key 2 by Land Air Sea - H4101

Item# SG-1509

No Fee GPS Tracking Key 2 by Land Air Sea - H4101

The location data stored on the GPS Tracking Key can be accessed by inserting the device directly into your personal computer or laptop via a USB port. The information recorded by the GPS Tracking Key can then be: viewed as a written activity/text report; displayed over a digital street map; or - the most popular option - displayed over a satellite image on Google Earth.

The GPS Tracking Key is powered by just 2 AAA batteries. Its strong magnetic mount allow for secure mounting inside, outside and even underneath the vehicle.

This ultra-compact GPS data logging vehicle tracking device is the most economical tracking solution, and is available with no monthly recurring fees.

LandAirSea® also offers 24-Hour Technical Support to help troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have regarding you GPS Tracking Key or any other LAS tracking device.

Best uses: Track your teen, Track your assets, Track your fleets anytime you need to know where something has been, Tracking Key II is the product for you.

GPS Tracking Devices <=========== View More ===========> Land Air Sea GPS

Simply retrieve device when ready to review stored data (USB download) on Tracking Key® II GPS device. Store data on personal computer (Mac or PC) or in the Cloud using LandAirSea’s newest Flashback Online Software


  • Enhanced battery life – over 10 days of GPS tracking
  • PC & Mac compatible
  • Online web-based Flashback software using Google Maps
  • Cloud based storage (extra fee)
  • GPS Accuracy within 2.5 meters
  • Records GPS data every second
  • Records complete vehicle/asset movement history


      • Routes Traveled
      • Stops
      • Duration of Stops
      • Physical Addresses
      • Direction/orientation
      • Active driving time
      • Speeds
      • Powerful magnet mount
      • Uses two AAA batteries (not included)
      • Use internationally
      • No Monthly fees
      • 24 hour Tech support
      • 1 year warranty


  • Over 10 days of GPS tracking
  • GPS data every second
  • Water Resistant
  • USB connector
  • Web based software
  • Compatible with Mac and PC's
  • 2AA batteries (not included)
  • Built in magnet mount
  • Dimensions: 3.75 L X 1.563 W X 1.438 H
  • Weight: 0lb 3oz