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Mace Pepper Foam 5 Shot

Mace Pepper Foam 5 Shot

Item# mace-pepper-foam-small

The Mace Pepper Foam 5 Shot for an Easy Self Defense that Sticks

The Mace pepper spray and foam are two popular choices among people looking for self defense devices. However, it is important to choose a pepper spray that can deliver results, especially at close range when you need them most.

Some Pepper spays are not effective for close range spraying because they emit fumes that are too powerful, immobilizing not only the attacker but the victim as well. The Mace Pepper Foam produces ultra strong pepper foam in a 10% defense spray that stays suspended in a thick formation.

The concentration is 1.4% capsaicinoid with a rating of 2mn scoville heat units. If you are wary of close quarter attacks this is the ideal self protection tool to have with you. The Mace pepper foam is suitable for use inside automobiles, homes, bar rooms or outside location etc.

The product generates significantly less fumes and therefore it is a better choice for use in any indoor setting. The foam instantly settles on the assailant making them temporally blind and immobilized.

The Mace pepper spray is convenient to carry around, easy to use, produces instant results, and does not blow back in your face.

The unit contains a flip top safety cap and holds 5 half second bursts. The spray will extend to 8 – 10 feet. The blowback protection effectively reduces any area contamination and the risk of immediate saturation.

You don’t have to fear using it in a windy area.

The moment the spray contacts the assailants skin it will create a liquid jell form making it impossible for the attacker to wipe it off the face. With its fast acting operation and unique features, the Mace Pepper Spray is a must have for personal protection.

Mace Spray - Mace Pepper Foam 5 Shot

  • Flip-top safety cap.
  • Sprays 8-10 feet.
  • Contains 5 one second bursts.

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