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Mini Telephone Recorder Pro

Mini Telephone Recorder Pro

Item# mini-telephone-recorder-pro

This item is currently out of stock!

This Phone Voice Recorder is a small, easy-to-use audio recording device that lets you record phone calls

Plug the Mini Telephone Recorder directly into your phone jack to record any phone conversation. It has a built-in speaker with adjustable volume for playback. The device easily fits next to your home or office phone letting you discreetly record a phone call without drawing extra attention.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mini Telephone Recorder Pro can not be connected between a digital phone and a wall-jack. It must be connected between a digital phone and the handset of your phone to convert a digital signal to analog. The handset option can be used to record a phone call on a digital phone line.

You can not use this device to covertly record a phone call on a digital phone- the handset must be connected to the phone and will be clearly visible.

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Mini Telephone Recorder Pro Features

Mini Telephone Recorder Pro Features:

  • Manual recordings (press button to start recording) or automatic recordings (start when a phone call begins),
  • Records high quality MP3 files to SD card,
  • Manage recordings in real time;
  • Record and playback calls directly from this device,
  • Up to 560 hours of recording on a 8 GB SD Card;
  • All calls are time/date stamped to let you quickly skim through recorded phone calls,
  • automatically overwrites earliest recorded phone calls to make space for new recordings

Mini Telephone Recorder Pro Specifications:

  • Recording Format = SD Card,
  • Power Supply = Battery and AC Adapter,
  • No Computer Required, Connects directly to analog line or to digital/
  • IP telephone handset cords,
  • Automatic start, stop and record with Rapid search and playback controls,
  • LCD displays for all call information,
  • time and date stored,
  • Dimensions = 2.5” × 4”


  • Mini Telephone Recorder,
  • 8 GB SD Card,
  • Replaceable 2 LR44 Button-Cell Batteries,
  • AC Power Adapter,
  • Telephone Cord, and
  • User Manual