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Pepper Shot Tri-Pack Full Pepper Protection Defense Spray

Pepper Shot Tri-Pack Full Pepper Protection Defense Spray


Take Pepper Shot™ with you wherever you go with this three-pack featuring canisters of every kind!

Pepper Shot™ stands out among pepper sprays for its quality and effectiveness. Its distinctive 10% solution uses super-fine particles which penetrate the target's mucous membranes (the soft, wet tissue of the eyes, nose, and throat) more easily than other solutions.

Upon contact, Pepper Shot™ has a threefold effect on its target. It swells the veins of the eyes, causing extreme discomfort and forcing them shut reflexively; it severely irritates the victim's throat and upper respiratory tract, causing coughing and difficult breathing; and lastly, the pain caused by contact with its 2 million scoville solution lingers for up to a half hour.

Each of our Pepper Shot™ spray canisters features a safe yet accessible locked trigger, and a variety of carrying options is available for the line.

Fix a 2 ounce canister to your wall (with included mount) for home defense; clip a ½ ounce canister to your vehicle's sun visor for protection against hijackers and parking lot thieves; and pack a pocket-sized canister with quick-release keychain clip to carry with you wherever you go!

  • 2 ounce pepper spray for home use with wall mount
  • 1/2 ounce auto visor clip to keep in your vehicle
  • 1/2 ounce pepper spray with a Quick Key Release keychain.

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