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Shorty Stun Flashlight

Shorty Stun Flashlight


Lifetime USA Warranty.

Shorty 75,000,000 Stun Flashlight

Meet the Safety Technology Shorty, a pocket-sized dynamo boasting an impressive 75,000,000 volts and a robust 4.7 milliamps of power. Cast light over your surroundings with a brilliant 120 lumen flashlight exposing any threats in the shadows we before your advance.  The shorty stun flashlight's hard construction doubles as a reliable baton, as well as a powerful electroshock device.

See them coming, and send them packing.


  • 120 Lumen Flashlight:  Works great for dark and dangerous places like parking lots, or even the woods.
  • 75,000,000 Volts: The sight and sound of the electrical arc is often enough to scare of animals and humans. If not, the arc's touch will leave them curled up on the ground regretting their life decisions.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Strong enough for striking without worrying about damaging the unit.
  • Compact Dimensions: Unsuspecting power in the palm of your hand. 7.5 inches long by 1 7/8 inches wide
  • 4.7 Milliamps: A single touch delivers knockdown power, ensuring effective protection in critical situations.
  • Nylon Holster: Fits securely with the included nylon holster you can wear with confidence.
  • Rechargeable with Charging Cable:  A fully charged electroshock flashlight offers more power.  Don't rely on draining batteries.
  • Nylon Wrist Strap: Enjoy added security with the nylon wrist strap, preventing accidental drops.
  • ON/OFF Safety Switch: The ON/OFF safety switch, enhancing safety and preventing accidental activation.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Experience lasting peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. The Shorty is built to last.

When Investing In Safety, Buy Reliability.

Because What You're Protecting.........Is Worth It.