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Stun Gun  Pain Pen 25,000,000 by Streetwise

Stun Gun Pain Pen 25,000,000 by Streetwise



Streetwise Stun Gun Pain Pen 25,000,000

Looking for a discreet and powerful self-defense tool? Check out the Pain Pen Stun Gun from Streetwise Security Products.

Unlike bulky stun pens of the past, this stun gun pen boasts a patent-pending design that looks benign in its nature. Its sleek appearance allows for easy and discreet carrying, so potential threats won't even know you're armed. With a quick tap, electroshock pen can floor an attacker. The metal clip securely fastens the unit in your pocket, purse, or backpack, so you always know where it is. Plus, the LED battery indicator lights ensure you're always aware of the charge level, so you never get caught off guard.

Become Immediately Safer with the Electroshock Pain Pen.


  • Realistic:   Looks just like a real pen giving you discrete protection.
  • Small Size/ Big Power: The Pain Pen 25,000,000 Stun Gun is about the size of a marking pen but has more power than most models on the market today.
  • Great deterrent - Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker.
  • Strong Metal Clip:  You don’t have to be concerned about it getting stuck at the bottom of your purse, pocket or backpack.
  • Battery Status Indicator Lights: Ensures you have a full charge before heading out the door.
  • Micro USB Charging Port:  Use the USB charging cord (included) in your computers USB port or a wall block charger or car charger (both not included).
  • Lifetime Warranty:  The Pain Pen 25,000,000 Stun Gun is made by Streetwise Security Products, the leader in the stun gun industry, using the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Patent Pending: there is no other stun gun like this in the world. Its exclusive design and micro technology make it the only model shaped like an actual pen.



  • Pain Pen 25,000,000 Stun Gun: Black
  • USB charging cord
  • Instructions

When Investing In Safety, Buy Reliability.

Because What You're Protecting.........Is Worth It.