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Stun Master 110,000,000V Badass Metal Stun Flashlight

Stun Master 110,000,000V Badass Metal Stun Flashlight



Stun Master Badass 110,000,000v Stun Flashlight

Blinding Light, Buzzing Electrodes or Bashing Aluminum, It's up to you!

Take a Look at The Stun Master Bad Ass! This 3 in 1 baton features a tactical flashlight and a powerful 110,000,000 volt blast of electricity that will put the biggest, baddest attacker into a curled up ball on the floor.

This defensive savior is made of some of the strongest material available on our planet. The 120 Lumen super bright LED flashlight will provide that beacon of light in a dark and scary world, while its firm rubberized grip and wrist strap, Lets you hold the Badass with confidence when you need a heavy duty baton. 

At the front end of the baton is a jaw dropping 110,000,000 volt stun gun that emits a debilitating shock at the push a button.


  • 120 Lumen Flashlight: Powerful illumination for enhanced visibility in various situations.
  • 110,000,000 Volts: Formidable electric charge for a potent self-defense deterrent.
  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum: Durable and reliable construction, ensuring longevity.
  • 14 3/4 inches long x 1 1/2 inches wide: Compact dimensions for easy carry and handling.
  • 4.9 Milliamps: Optimal electric current for effective stun capability.
  • Belt Clip: Convenient hands-free carry for quick access.
  • Rechargeable with Charging Cable: Eco-friendly and convenient charging solution.
  • Nylon Wrist Strap: Added security and portability during use.
  • ON/OFF Safety Switch: Prevents accidental activation, ensuring safe handling.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Assurance of product quality with long-term investment protection.

When Investing In Safety, Buy Reliability.

Because What You're Protecting.........Is Worth It.