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Safety Technology Barking Dog Alarm

Safety Technology Barking Dog Alarm


Safety Technology Barking Dog Alarm System

Elevate your security with the Barking Dog Alarm: An ideal addition to homes, offices, stores, and businesses, providing the protective presence of a security dog without the daily upkeep. 

Say goodbye to feeding, watering, walking, or vet visits; this innovative device mimics the fierce bark of a guard dog (or an alarm) whenever someone approaches.

Designed for early intrusion warning, the Barking Dog Alarm instills second thoughts in potential intruders. As endorsed by the US Department of Justice, a dog's presence is a powerful deterrent, making burglars think twice about targeting houses with dogs. The device uses non-harmful microwaves to detect motion through most walls, activating an alarm, chime, or a recorded bark from a vicious dog.

The chime feature is versatile, serving as a welcoming signal for store owners when a customer enters or as an automatic doorbell at home to alert you to approaching visitors. Keep in mind that the Barking Dog Alarm senses motion through various walls like wood, cement, brick, and glass but is not effective through metal walls, walls with metal studs, tinted glass, or extremely thick walls. 

Enhance your security effortlessly with this innovative solution.



  • Harnessing Microwave Signal Technology: See Through Walls and Detect Movement Beyond 10 Feet
  • Versatile Operation with Three Modes: Choose from Barking Dog, Chime, or Alarm
  • Flexible Power Options: Utilize the included AC adapter or 8 AA batteries (not included) for temporary use during power outages
  • Convenient Wireless Remote Control: Arm/disarm the unit, change sound modes, or activate the panic alarm remotely in emergencies
  • Extended Range and Wall Penetration: Long-range remote control effective up to 50+ feet, working seamlessly through walls
  • Customizable Volume Settings: Eight volume levels with a powerful maximum volume of 120 dB
  • Compact Dimensions: Measures 6 x 5.75 x 3.75 inches for easy integration into your space
  • Assurance with a 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a warranty covering the Barking Dog Alarm for one year.

  • Barking Dog Alarm
  • Remote with battery
  • Instructions
  • AC Adapter
  • Window Warning Sticker

When Investing In Safety, Buy Reliability.

Because What You're Protecting.........Is Worth It.